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Thread: Wierd Alpine Aux-In Problem

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    Question Wierd Alpine Aux-In Problem

    Alright, I'm trying to get an auxiliary input into my Alpine CDA-7940 head unit. I've got three pairs of RCA outs on my head unit, with the front and rear channels going to an amp, and the sub-out going to a separate amp.

    I did some research and found the KCA-121B Ai-net to RCA adapter. Perfect! I called Alpine about it and they told me to install a switch to activate the mute function on the HU and it should work (I just recently found a post here saying the same thing). So I install the KCA-121B, put in a switch to activate mute/interrupt mode, and set Mute On in the HU settings. So far so good. I flip the switch and the HU goes into interrupt mode and all is well.

    Now for the weird part. When the HU is in interrupt mode, and my aux source is playing, I can only get sound through the rear speaker channel! The fronts are silent and the subs are silent! I can switch the RCAs at the amp to get sound out of the fronts, but that's unacceptable since when I go back to the HU (for radio), everything is reversed. Not to mention I still don't get a sub signal for the aux source. When I switch out of interrupt mode, all channels play fine.

    Anybody have similar probs with this KCA-121B? WTF?

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    I just bought this adapter and your post got me concerned with having to install a switch. Luckily, I have the CDA-7995 and it has the ability to select AUX by the source button. Sounds like you need to upgrade.


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    Yeah, for versatile link units all you have to do is enable Aux On. But Alpine's web site does say that non-versatile link units will work if you install the switch. Anybody gotten a non-versatile link unit to work with this aux input cable? I can always spend more money, but it sure would be nice to get what I've got working...

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    I toyed with the idea of pumping data through my Alpine CDA 7949 (ie pre-versatile link), but I just rid of the deck instead :-)

    What you're saying sounds similar to what I was planning, although I didn't actually test it.

    Have a URL:

    How old is the deck? I'd consider following it up with your Alpine dealer, as it would appear from the instructions on that dodgy sub page of the Alpine site that you have followed the instructions.

    How did you wire up the toggle switch?

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