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Thread: what psu to choose

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    what psu to choose

    Hi getting a bit closer to finishing my build, So far I have 1.8ghz (e6300) cpu 2gb memory going to choose the intel d945fc mobo and the morex 3833 case (

    Slight concerns about the psu requirements will an M2 atx psu be sufficient I.E. I can see my self needing 1 2.5 hdd prehaps a 40 gig minimum and atleast 3 - 4 usb devices I would also like 1 external Esata drive which would have all of the media on. I like the sound of the M4 atx but not sure it will work

    is there some psu calculator that can be used that would have more or less the right componants


    ALso could you fill in the blanks with anything I might be missing to make this work (excluding monitor)

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    Click on the power supply calculator in my sig...

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