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Thread: Powermat Wireless Charging

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    I was reading up what's going on at CES 09 and I saw information about wireless charging and thought about all the possibilities for in car solutions

    I was thinkin about possibly being able to fab the powermat in to locations in the car cubby, cup holder, center console, glove comparement. I'm just thinkin about all the ideas that come to mind. This would make charge chargers obsolete. I can see a lot of solutions for this just in the case itself. Could use it to charge your cell phones, earpieces, mp3 players, ipods, iphones think about love trips or just going all night and having a ppc phone you need to charge at least once a day but with a powermat in your car you can get a charge while just driving in your car to and from where your headed too
    it's crazy i sound like a spokes person for the company but then again i'm probably wishing i worked there
    if they ever get a stock ticker this would be a company to invest into or the people that make the parts

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    Wouldnt this require all devices that you want to be charged to carry some sort of proprietary circuit that would need to be standardized? I dont see this happening for years. Someone actually did a DIY of this concept for a wireless mouse:

    Hard part is designing the coils for maximum efficiency.

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    I remember seeing it a few years ago... I want one!

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    yea based on there concept they are going to release skin like cases for popular devices which would fix the compatibly issue until more manufacters start to incorporate the wireless charging standard
    if you see in the video the white thing that was on the powermat was actually like a dongle connected to a laptop which it was charging and other devices it didn't have a skin like case for it was able to connect to the wireless station via a adapter

    the video i forgot to ad given time they might possibly make battery replacements for popular devices and install the stuff needed within the battery

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    looks like this company is already on top of it's game
    it looks like they are using a modded battery this company has partnered with direct tv, energizers, and motorola

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