I have recently upgraded my MB, HDD, PSU, and CPU.

Jwetway jnc62k
AMD FX-62 Dual Core.

I am NOT using a USB hub, everyhting is direct to MB.

I recently began having major issues with my BU 353 not getting a lock, EVER. The device is detected fine, shows in the device manager and is detected by all GPS software, it just won't lock... After spending days with it and sirfdemo etc.. I took it out and plugged it into my laptop. It fired right up and grabbed 10 Satellites in my bedroom no where near a window.. I noticed my device manager was "Refreshing" about every 5-10 seconds when open. I started removing USB devices one by one to see if it stopped. After unpluggin my USB wireless network card (which needs two USB ports) the "Refreshing" stopped. I plugged my GPS back in and it found a few satellites but still not locking like it should.
I also use a USB IR Reciever for my steering wheel controls and that works whenever it feels like it. I have just reinstalled my chipset drivers and all USB shows up as enhanced or 2.0 controller. No errors are given at any time. I am pulling my hair out because without proper functioning devices I basicaly can't use anything.

Any ideas, help, or suggestions wold be mostly appreciated.