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Thread: Backup camera (sorry to mods if in the wrong spot...: $)

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    Backup camera (sorry to mods if in the wrong spot...: $)

    So, I just bought a new VM9312 touchscreen Video H/U, and was just looking around, and saw that there is a video RCA jack labeled (Backup camera)...I thought...huh...well that would be cool....

    Is there a way that I could buy a camera, and just hook it up via RCA, for really cheap....

    I really don't want to spend more than $25, but will be willing to spend $50 max...all the backup cameras that I see come with a wireless LCD screen, which is most of the cost, and I already have that so that would be sort of well....useless....

    Thanks for any help....

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    yes any rca camera will work normal the best ones are bullet cameras and these are waht are in those wireless kits, you have to power it from the reverse light blub.

    try ebay.


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