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Thread: Mother of All FAQs. MIT Carputer FAQ.

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    Mother of All FAQs. MIT Carputer FAQ.

    Hi, looking to compile a Mother of All FAQs, using the best of the best & reviews on everything from dc-dc to a fiberglass FAQ to heat dissapation of specific CPUs.

    Right now things like software, dc to dc hardware etc are extremely limited. I'm talking about a comprehensive download/FAQ to reduce boot times, a remote startup/shutdown controller & dc-dc integration.

    The MIT Car Audio FAQ changed the world brought subwoofers to the masses, and perhaps this is something our collective knowledge can do just as well.

    What do you all think?

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    Theres a thread in General Disscussion about FAQs. The basic thought is that one would be good, and people always talk about one, but no one has ever done one.

    If you want to make one, go for it.
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