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Thread: Mechatroniks Double Din Kit ??

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    Mechatroniks Double Din Kit ??

    Has anyone ordered this lately, ive emailed him asking ??'s about a week ago and havent heard anything from him. I'd like to buy his kit but I wanted to know time frame of how long till id recieve kit and if he could do a custom bezel.

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    I've been emailing him as well and received no response. I was looking for a "Kit 4" myself. I don't really want to ship someone a pile of cash who can't respond to email.


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    Where is Mechatroniks? I want a kit!

    The mechatroniks website is still up and running and despite 3 emails to the address listed on the site, still no response. The kit is perfect for my project but maybe the guy doesn't offer it any more? Has anyone had any luck getting ahold of mechatroniks recently? If not can you point me in the direction of a similar kit or used mechatroniks kit? Thanks.

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    We have the double din kits for sale.
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