Hi there,

Ive been hunting round the internet for a few days for a simple solution to how I could solve what I want to do...

I know bits and bobs about electronics, but mainly all I do is join wires and the simple stuff

My problem is... I have produced a full loom for a car, well, its pretty small as its just the bare essentials, although I kept a few things in that I was hoping to use, them being: Operating Oil Pressure + Operating Oil Temprature.

Now, these two are single wires, from sensors on the engine block. Ive had a play around with the multi meter, and got some readings of the oil pressure while the engine is in operation... I used the multi meter in 'Ω 200' mode, and the readings showed up like:

5 Bar = -196.0~
4 Bar = -178.0~
3 Bar = -160.0~
2 Bar = -143.0~

All approx values, I wont bother with the oil temprature yet as its pretty much the same readings, and Im just trying to work out how easy this is going to be to do...

What im trying to do is display the current operating oil pressure and temprature on a small LCD display (2x16) that is going to go in a blank space on the clockset. Im just wondering what I need to get this working...

Some sort of LCD controller? Obviously something will need to be programmed? (I have done programming before), So im just wondering if anyone has any ideas of what needs doing for me to be able to display the two pieces of data on a small LCD!

I dont really know much about controllers etc, but I want to learn and get this sorted, as Ive wanted it from day 1!

Thanks if anyone can give any ideas!