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    Question Getting started

    So, this is my first visit here.

    So, I'm quite interested in putting one of my spare computers in my car. I suppose what I want to know is where to get started. I'm quite good with computers, and I used to be decent at engineering circuits.

    My setup includes:
    Sony CD/MP3 head unit model (#CDX-MP450)
    Rockford Fosgate 4-channel Amp (#500X)
    4x 6.5" Pioneer 65W RMS 3-way speakers (#TS-A1667)

    mounted in a '94 Camaro (standard).

    The wiring is all new; I replaced the entire Delco/Bose system.

    What I'm looking to do is run either the head unit or the computer. I don't exactly know the easiset way to do this, and was basically looking for general advice as to how to go about getting started.

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    Welcome to the forums. Theres lots of information here in previous posts, and it makes it fast to find stuff by using the search feature, as most questions have been answered sometime in the past.

    anyways, so you want to be able to switch the amps input between the headunit and computer? or do you want to replace the headunit with the computer?

    im not quite sure the best way, but im trying to clear things up so someone else can answer the question easier.
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    Hey, thanks for the reply. I'm looking to run either the head unit or the computer at my whim (perhaps with a switch).

    If it helps anyone, I don't believe that the head unit has inputs, so the only way I can see to do things (I'm not up at all on how car stereos are wired) is to run both the head unit and the computer outputs to a switch that is run to the amp.

    If there's a better way (doesn't have to be "easier"), let me know!


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