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Thread: clifford alarm and intellistart module

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    clifford alarm and intellistart module

    I've been restoring a car I've bought (1994 rover 220 turbo coupe) and it's taken some time but things are slowly getting together and preperations are being made to attempt to start the engine for the first time. This means investigating the alarm, but it's giving me greif.

    There's two black boxes behindthe glove box, one says clifford on it, the other says intellistart. Nothing else. I have a fob for my car, and a fob for the clifford alarm with four buttons on the clifford one.

    I'm not sure, nor can I tell, which clifford alarm this has.

    However, the problem - whenever the battery is connected the alarm sounds, it will eventually reach the end of it's sequence, pause for a few seconds and start again. I cannot get it to stop, by pressing any buttons on the fob.

    Any ideas? I'm tempted to have it removed but i'm feeling a tad out of my depth, and obviously the car cannot be moved.

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    Never mind, axe fixed it.

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