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Thread: Self Powered USB hub that actually works with more than one item!

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    Self Powered USB hub that actually works with more than one item!

    Hey Guys! Excuse my frustration here, but I cannot seem to find a good USB self powered hub that will power all my devices.

    Bit of background - car pc installed, laptop, cig lighter for power (lucky me, I got one in the boot/trunk!). All works fine. But the laptop only has 3 USB ports.

    Here are my USB devices:

    Satnav receiver
    Mobile internet dongle

    But I want to be able to add extras like mouse, keyboard, bluetooth dongle, fm tuner etc etc.

    Every self powered usb hub I've tried can only handle one of the above items at a time. Honestly, I've tried all the different combinations and only one thing works at a time.

    What have people done to get over this? Is there a 5v power line in the laptop that I could connect a usb hub to? Are there any self powered usb hubs that will actually do the job?

    Really grateful for any advice chaps.


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    I ran a powered hub and powered it from a 5v line off of my m4atx

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    Power Hub

    Check i remember i got mine from there it comes with embedded 5v battery == 11 bucks. just check the forums and do a search "powered hub"

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    IF you want your USB devices to be recognized properly when resuming from hibernation or standby, I suggest not connecting them through a USB hub, powered or not. Connecting devices directly to USB ports on the motherboard is the only reliable way to ensure connectivity. Unfortunately, with some hardware it is still a gamble.

    If a USB hub is an absolute must for your installation, go with a powered hub. A USB hub that requires 5vDC is the ideal, as you can power it from the 5v line from a HDD connector, just as bemenaker suggests. Powered USB hubs that take 5vDC are pretty common and not at all expensive.

    An unpowered (or self-powered, as you say) USB hub is not going to be reliable. IT has nothing to do with brand or manufacturing quality or the electronics inside th hub or anything else. IT has to do with the fact that the USB devices aren't going to get any power until late in the bootup process, after the point where Windoze checks for connected devices.
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    Ok chaps thanks for your help. So I'll need to power a hub from the hard drive connector. I guess I'll open the laptop up and have a poke around with a multimeter on the hard drive connector to find a 5v line. Any further help with this particular task would be great. Cheers.

    Oh and if that fails then theres always the hub with a battery so thanks for that tip too.

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    There are some small dc-dc psu that you can also use for powering your hub if you can't find a 5V line inside the laptop.

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