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Thread: Electronic PRNDL selector possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by corvettecrazy View Post
    Don't forget your shifter has the button for reverse lock out. Unless you plan to completely eliminate that, you may need to be thinking of a second actuator.
    Fortuantely in my case the shifter handle doesn't have a button to move it. Pressing the brake allows the shifter ro move, no button press needed. That makes life a bit easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraziFuzzy View Post
    The other, even more reliable option, would be a pot feedback on the linear actuator, a bank of resistors a multiposition switch, and a comparator. Basically, each position of the switch would produce a 'desired' resistance (which is used in a voltage divider). This voltage is compared to a matched divider using the feedback pot on the actuator. If less than, move the actuator one way, if greater than, move it the other way. comparitors would be set up with a slight offset so there is a deadband between pos and neg differences, preventing 'hunting'.

    This is basically turning the linear actuator into a servo, with preselected positions. This is done when building full-sized RC cars (a really fun, but expensive hobby)

    crazifuzzy, that is a great solution & something I would love to learn more about. is this something that can be bought or does it have to be built? any info or advice to persue this would be much apreciated, I'm looking to do similar to quantum & just started a thread here I'm sure if I could develop something like this to work it could benifit me & quantum & perhaps others who could benifit from gaining very valuable & usable & otherwise wasted space. any help or advice would be great

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