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Thread: Asus EEE Box (desktop, not laptop) - how to power?

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    Asus EEE Box (desktop, not laptop) - how to power?

    Hey all,

    Has anybody done an install of this thing? I picked one up, and it's really the perfect size for a car - I just have no idea how to power it. I looked at shutdown controllers, but I don't think I can fit any of them into the case. Is there something external made? Also, waht to wdo about powering it - if I just hook it up to the cigarette adapter, it'll cut power cold, which is not what I want.

    Any suggestions welcome!


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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    stevey500 used one with a 12V universal car adapter switched to 19V in his eee box setup with a start-up/shut-down controller. here's the thread.

    seems like he's had no issues. the eee box uses the same power plugs like laptops. my kind wouldn't work well cause the input is 12V-15V so when the battery gets strained power would cut off transiently (okay in a laptop cause of the internal battery). the universal car adapters and ones that output more than 12V tend to be more forgiving. the start-up/shut-down controller will allow the computer to shut down before cutting off power.

    i've had some issues with the Carnetix so until they get hammered out, i can't recommend them.

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