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Thread: Please review this CarPC / Audio setup..

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    Please review this CarPC / Audio setup..

    Here's the current plan, until I buy a more permanent CarPC.. Any suggestions are welcome, and lessons learned would be appreciated!

    - Lilliput 8" Display - 859GL-80NP-C-TM - 2008 Version
    - 8" Custom Bezel for an e46
    - e46 HVAC Relocation Kit
    - Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 Laptop with:
    • (2x) 2.0 USB Ports
    • (1x) Phone Jack
    • (1x) LAN Connection
    • (1x) PCMCIA Slot
    • (1x) PCMCIA Slot with Card Reader
    • (1x) SD Reader
    • (1x) Stereo Headphone Jack
    • (1x) Microphone Jack
    • (1x) VGA Monitor Port
    • (1x) RS-232 Serial Port

    - 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse
    - Custom Cupholder Mount
    - BSW DICE iPod Kit (if needed with CarPC)
    - BSW Speaker Audio Upgrade - Stage I
    - BSW d110.e46c Subwoofer System (Includes Amp)

    What other basic pieces do I need to look at to tie it all together?
    What is the easiest way to incorporate HD Radio into my CarPC setup?
    What's a good front-end to start testing with?

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    You're going to need some way to tie into your audio system, most aftermarket headunits have aux input for this purpose. Not sure what a "Speaker Audio Upgrade - Stage I" is or if it includes this.

    HD Radio: HD Radio Cables READY!

    As for frontends, I suggest running LinuxICE with NGhost2

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    So does the Visteon HDZ300 HD Radio Component Car Tuner Kit or a DIRECTED DMHD1000 still look like the best option to incorporate HD Radio into a CarPC setup, or have there been new advances in this area?

    Also, can these things be completely controlled by front-end software, or do you still have to mount the ugly little screen somewhere?

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