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Thread: VIA ivp-7500 - new dedicated car pc motherboard

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    This is hardly a car or electronic trade show.

    Even so, it's still a 1Ghz eden processor. Hardly new technology.
    It's essentially a smaller version of VIA's MII-10000 boards designed for embedded OS configurations.
    The MII-10000 is not exactly a speed demon, as many others can attest to.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Moved posts #10 and #11 from trade shows forum and made a little blog post. Cheers!

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    I read the above objections, but what EM-ITX or Nano-ITX motherboard would you prefer? I have yet to see anyone even selling one ofthese, Google only returns the previously mentioned press releases. One plus, this is the only motherboard I have found that has a FFC for the LCD. VIA claimed this was going to be "the first in a series of dedicated x86 in-vehicle platforms for developers of car PCs". Has anyone heard of the second in the series that might overcome some of the objections stated?
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