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Thread: mp3 PC with Sony XR-C210

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    Smile mp3 PC with Sony XR-C210

    i'm planing to do similar thing than you guys, but i have some problems.

    1) I have Sony XR-C210 head unit. it has cd box controlling connector and cd box audio input (RCA), called unlink audio input. This input doesn't work until i push CD button on unit, but pushing the button doesn't do anything until cd box isn't connected, so i can't activate that unlink audio input until cd box is connected. Can i cheat head unit somehow to activate unlink audio input without cd box?
    2) How much hard drive and other computer parts live in car? I live in estionia, and in winter we have sometimes around -30 degrees cold and humidity is sometimes almost near 100%, and all that vibration.
    3) Pretty big problem in car is power supply. One solution is to buy it' but they are pretty expensive. Another solution is build one by myself, but i don't have any good schematic. Does somebody have some good one. Or maybe you know some link where i can find one.

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    1) there has been alot of talk of trying to get headunits to hook up to computers through the cd-changer controls, and most people havent been able to do much. i think i heard something about getting it to work with a sony, maybe. do a search on here for "cd changer sony" and see if it comes up with anything.

    2)As long as computer parts are protected from dust, water, and as long as the sun doesnt get it to 40+C then its alright to leave them in the car. Make sure you have them secured down, vibrations will only hurt if they knock something loose. Harddrives are the most susceptible to vibrations, although most people here dont have problems. if youre really worried about it, laptop harddrives are designed to be more rugged then desktop drives.

    LCD screens will be really sluggish in the cold, but once they warm up then theyre alright.

    3)If you have experience with power supplies/circuit design/construction, then there are some here that can be made. search for sproggy, i believe it is taking a regular supply and converting it to be dc-dc. theres a lot of discussion about power supplies in the powersupply forum.
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    The sproggy is a built from scratch supply. There is one on here some where that people have spoken about hacking a standard supply, I can't remember what it was called though, sorry!

    there is a small 60w supply that people have found useful that only costs $35 I believe. You might want to give that a try.

    We've had some cold temperatures here (not -30 though) and I haven't had any trouble at all. We've got some members from northern US and Canada who have experienced that kind of temperature with no problem.

    Good Luck!
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