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Thread: Powering and WiMax in work truck...

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    Powering and WiMax in work truck...

    I added a picture of my diagram to make it easier to view... one thing that i am stuck with is what antennas i should use for the wifi and wimax... i found some very nice communications for security vehicles that look good... what brand of inverter... i was thinking xantrax sine wave...
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    Firstly hello,

    This is my first post on this awesome site after lurking for years searching your forum for other projects...
    I am currently working on a project for my girlfriends father... he is a contractor and wants the ability to get internet in his truck and in job sites... its a good idea, when he is with a designer and a customer he can pull out his laptop and source stuff, show pics ect...
    the criteria was...

    1) AC power, to power laptop charger and power tool chargers. (150w is what i calculated the load to be) i figure a 400w inverter will do...

    2)internet, I was thinking WiMax. He wont need interent when moving and only would use it when stopped. I would roof mount a 2.5Ghz antenna and modify the WiMax box (rogers portable internet) with and SMA connector

    3) WiFi. Same idea as the WiMax box. 2.4Ghz antenna on the roof...

    4) a rechargable flashlight mounted in the truck (ie maglight rechargeable takes 12v unregulated input)
    here is the block diagram i have done so far. ( its just a start...

    but has anyone worked with WiMax? anyone know any good vehicle mount antennas? i want something with a reasonable amount of gain (6db) as he will be quite aways from the car sometimes... they would also have to be omni directional antennas...
    I was planning to use a ignition switched 12v source to turn the system on and off... this will ensure the inverter isn't forgotten to be turned off... plus have an override so when he gets out he can leave the communications stuff on... for efficiency reasons i will uses switching DC-DC converters for this (incase its off the battery for a few hours)...

    All this will be mounted on the wall behind the drivers seat... neat and out of the way...
    any thoughts or something i am missing... wimax? thoughts?


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    Who is the WiMax service provider in your area?


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