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Thread: Power Supply (Astec) Wiring Questions

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    Question Power Supply (Astec) Wiring Questions

    OK, I've got my Astec DC-DC PSU from MPJA and so far I've wired all the connections on the output side up to my PC. Now I'd like to test the PSU inside so I bought a AC to 12VDC adapter. I connected the wires and plugged the hole deal in and I got nothing. 12v got as far as the wires on the input side of the PSU put nothing came out the other end.

    The adapter supplies 12V @ 500mA... is this enough?
    (Yes, I've got pins 19 and 20 connected)

    I'm also wondering if the POK pin on the output side is suitable for use as the power good signal. The Docs that can with the supply say this about it...

    POK - Active high with 100mS to 500mS delay after all rails are in regulation
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    500mA @ 12V is nowhere near enough. I'm not sure about the ratings of the Astec unit, but you will probably need a supply of at least 5A to run a PC. Mine takes about 9 surge and runs at 4.5. This is with the Arise computer DC-DC.

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