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Thread: K8055 not recognised by XP

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    K8055 not recognised by XP

    Hi there

    I have recently formatted my CarPC with Windows XP and started it all again. I had the K8055 board all working fine previously. However, after installing XP again, I plug in my K8055 and it pops up saying it has found device "USB K8055" and asks me to install the driver.

    From what I remember, XP used to install it all automatically but now it won't. It keeps saying it cannot find a driver. I can't find my CD anymore, but I don't remember a driver being on there. I have searched Vellemans site and the internet but not getting anywhere.

    Also, I have tried plugging in my Girlfriends iPod and xp can't find a driver for that either, despite having installed iTunes on the PC. Perhaps this is also linked??

    Any ideas?

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    Dunno about XP,but I've had the same pb with win98, it asked for a driver. So I simply let zindows "search for the best driver" and uncheck all box when asked where to look. Zindows install its own HID..gnahgnah somthin' and it worked.
    Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p

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    Is the version of XP stripped down at all?

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