I have Jetway 7F2WE1G5D with AD7DLV LVDS module.
AD7DLV LVDS module contains DVI connector. The Idea is to use 2 monitors (one connected to native on-board VGA and the second connected to AD7DLV LVDS module - DVI via VGA-DVI connector).

The issue is in the following:
When I connect Monitor to DVI (AD7DLV LVDS module) via DVI cable I see the picture on my Monitor, but when I connect Monitor to DVI (AD7DLV LVDS module) via DVI-VGA connector using VGA cable no picture is available. ( DVI-VGA connector is working). Have anybody got the similar issue?
May be AD7DLV LVDS module isn't implementing analog (VGA) part inside and it's impossible to connect VGA monitor via DVI-VGA connector to this card?!

Regards, A__L