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Thread: Need to find a specific wire harness...

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    Need to find a specific wire harness...

    So, I just bought a used '00 Z24 Cavalier since the '95 Geo Tracker I was driving around finally crapped out on me. My first order of business was to replace the crappy stock radio using the aftermarket radio from the Tracker. So I did some research, found out how to remove the stock radi, which wire harness to get for the factory wiring, and which installation kit to grab. I thought I was all set to go, until I put everything I needed in one big pile and noticed that I didn't have the wire harness that plugs into the radio itself! When taking my radio out of my Tracker, I forgot to take the plug for it also!

    So now I'm stuck. I've been looking around on the internet and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I even went to a car stereo store and they said that they couldn't help me since they didn't stock the brand I have. =/

    This is a Virtual Reality Sound Labs radio, model #VRCD400-SDU. It's a little dated, made back in '06, but it's served me well so far and will do until I can scrap up the extra money for a carputer. Attached is a picture of the back of the head unit showing the receptacle for the plug that I desperately need.

    I was really hoping to get the installation done today, but now I have to hold it back until I find this thing.

    Any help is appreciative. =D
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    I assume there is no chance of recovering the one from the Tracker? If you can't do that and can't contact the maker of the HU, your only remaining option is probably to look in the catalog for Mouser or Digi-Key and see if it is a generic connector they stock.

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    As a matter of fact, I contacted the guy I sold the Tracker to (my mechanic, said he'd fix it up and use it as a buggy)

    He was fine with me getting the plug back, so all is well. =)

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