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Thread: custom making a case

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    custom making a case

    Im making a case to fit the components in the layout that I can fit. but I have a question. what material should I use to make the case? weight is the major concern... I was thinking like 1/4" plexiglass, but I was told metal was a better choice since it will ground the computer...

    is there a way to ground it with wires to the metal frame rather than a metal case? if metal is the only/better way what kind of metal should I use? sheet metal obviously, but steel, aluminum, something else? try to reccomend something I can get at home depot...

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    aluminum is good for heat and its easy to work with.

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    I've seen a few plexiglass cases that are running with no problems. I wouldnt worry about it

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    dont need to take care to ground it in some form or fashion? people said it would build up a charge...

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    I dont think thats necessary.
    I know they used to make these little wires that you can attach to some part of the motherboard to the case.
    But honesly I've never used one and have had no problems.
    Mine needs to be updated.

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    Traditional metal cases do act as a ground plane.

    If you are very worried about it use a metal mainboard tray from a metal case and put that inside the plexi case....

    Many plexi cases are running just fine without it. I have heard stories of plexi cases not containing all the electronic "noise" and messing with TV reception or garage dorr openers ( I am not sure I belive them)

    Metal case = Faraday cage
    Plexi case <> Faraday cage

    Faraday info
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    On my old system (made of wood) there was loads of radio interferance when the PC was on. Since my new sysetm is being jammed into an old CDROM case which is made of metal, Im hoping this will no longer be a problem.
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    If you are worried about grounding all of the components in a plexi case you can just wire all of the components togther with wire and connect it to the ground on you car chasis.


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