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Thread: Lighted rocker switch question

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    4 gauge wire with a 125 amp fuse should be suitable in most situations, but not every setup is the same. You must also consider how long the run will be. If it's just going from the battery to the front of the car that ought to work fine, but if you're planning to stretch it all the way to the trunk you ought to go with 2 gauge. Were you planning to use a distribution block to split power to the inverter and the psu or what?

    To my knowledge the psu shouldn't have a peak wattage you should have to worry about, but then dc-dc psus are not my area.

    I don't really have much experience with buying high current relays. 200 is sufficient of course, and not even something to consider overkill, but it sure is pricey...

    For any normal relay, the stuff you use on the coil (the smaller screws) is not usually something you have to worry about. Almost anything will work perfectly fine. However, you should check the specs on the relay you wind up getting. It is possible that the power requirements are substantially higher and that you may have to use a larger wire than you otherwise would.

    You could indeed use a smaller inverter if that is all you intend to power with it. It would probably make less fan noise than the bigger one. But can you be sure that your son won't ever be adding anything to it? Of course the decision is up to you in the end. I suppose you can always upgrade later if necessary. Anyway though - yes a 400 would be wonderful.

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    Thanks for the answers Numbers, I did a lot of searching here and couldn't find anything about the wire and switch size for the relay. I even called a store that sells relays and he at first said 8 gauge wire, then changed it to 18. He made a reference to the ignition, and the fact that it uses 8 gauge wire and is a 10 amp. So I guess I'll be fine with a switch rated for 20 amps.

    I found a pic of how a starter is wired to a relay, let me know if this is how I would wire my relay for the PSU and inverter. Pic is here:

    Wiring, fuse, amp, relay questions

    Now that I've figured out how the isolater, fuses, and relay is wired, I can think about a distribution block. I've never dealt with car power so this is all new to me. I looked at a pic of a 400 watt inverter by Coleman and it had battery clamps on the ends, so I'll have to do something about that.

    From my second battery will be a relay to cut all power, then a block I guess.

    Thanks again for all of your help.
    A pic is worth a thousand words.

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