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Thread: volume control questions

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    volume control questions

    So I have built my car stereo... now I want to take the knowledge that I learned there and put it to use in other ways. I have decided to build myself a nice desk, complete with built in speakers and subs. Here is what I am picturing. Audio cable running from computer to volume knob to control overall volume then from that knob run to 4 channel amp, 2 channels for left and right speakers two channels for sub. run speaker wire from amp to speakers, run speaker wire from amp to another volume knob to control the bass level and then to the sub. Would this work? I really don't know anything about how these things work, I just know how to wire them to work in the car. Would this set up do what I want, be able to control overall volume and bass levels? I am looking to build my own knobs, just to increase the learning experience. Would these be anything more than just getting two dual gang pots (terms that I learned about moments ago from google)? Any advice or links or dope slaps would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    You ahve teh main idea it just needs a couple of adjustments: instead of controling the sub level after the amp, place the sub vol after the main vol, and then run both vol control outputs to the amp. this way you are only modifying the low level input of the amp, instead of the high level side (which would require volume controls that can take the wattage--$$).

    you will also need crossovers to block the signals that the speakers shouldn't/can't produce. there are 3 ways to go with this. you can either buy a active(powered) crossover to divide the signal before the amp, or you could buy what is known as a passive(non-powered) crossover to place inline between the amp and the speakers, or you could build your own passive crossovers.

    If you choose to build your own there are a lot of resources for this, the first one that comes to mind is have almost all the parts that you should need.

    A quick find: how-to guide to building crossovers:

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