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Thread: EPIA m/b vs. M/B with disk on chip?

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    EPIA m/b vs. M/B with disk on chip?

    Okay, I am not very knowledgable on this subject so I was hopeing someone could help me out. I am looking into getting a newer system built soon. I have some questions regarding the motherboards. First I would like to know if the start up times for diskonchip are reduced very much vs a regular motherboard? I know this depends on the operating system and all. I had heard that diskonchip would allow you to start windows like the PDA's running CE which is almost instantly. Is this true? Also I have heard that the chips only have a certain amout of write time to them before they go bad. Is this true? I would greatly appreciate any responses as I am getting back into this after about a year of not messing with it. I am a little behind in the technology.
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    Flash memory, by nature, has a limited write/erase cycle lifespan. its usually a few x00,000 cycles. CF has 0 access time, but slower transfer speed, and the way a pocket pc or palm are instantly on is that they're never off, they just turn the screen off and put the processor to "sleep", much like standby on your pc. as long as you have to boot a system from 0, you'll have a boot process, no matter what the medium.

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