Hi -

I found what I thought would be the perfect card for my mini-itx EPIA motherboard. A PCI card (the EPIA only has one slot and its PCI), with Radeon 7500 (which powerstrip can work with to get proper resolution on a widescreen lcd, and tv tuner all on one card.

Well i've been looking for the card for 3 days now. Turns out that ATI UK stopped making cards and NO ONE has it.

My questions are:

Does anyone have a source of this card (the all in wonder radeon 7500 VE) in the uk?

Does anyone have one they want to sell in the uk?

Would the american one work here (im thinking of pal vs ntsc issues and do they broadcast on the same frequencies as uk)?

Hope someone else can help or offer an alternative. I heard USB tv tuners are crap

I'm gutted