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Thread: my new mp3 player, need help...

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    Post my new mp3 player, need help...

    Ok, so I've been wanting to do a new mp3 player for awhile. I finally scored a 5.6" tft lcd screen, ntsc. I'm gunna have an aluninum box made for it. I have questions for you all though...
    1) Should i worry about heat in the summer when my car is in the parking lot at work.
    2) How should i mount my harddrive so it's life will be longer
    3) Should I run rca/video/keypad/ in one snake or run rca/video seperate.
    4) How should I wire up the lcd and the computer using 1 inverter
    5) What should i control my mp3 player with, keypad, fold up keyboard?
    6) Does anyone know of a good CHEAP mobo slot 1 preferably or fcpga so i can get a cheap celeron, that has video(w/ ntsc out), sound, and optional ethernet. I want to go with a thin case so i don't want anything in the pci/isa slots.

    thanks alot for your help!

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    I hate to do this, but...

    can answer every one of those questions.

    Except maybe for #3...

    I'd make sure you run your cables seperate, or at least the power and data cables. Some people have lines on their LCD caused by interference.


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