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Thread: Best USB Cables?

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    Best USB Cables?

    Pretty generic question I understand - I'm just looking for the most reliable USB extension cable that you guys have had experience with. I would prefer a 10ft USB cable - for running my OBD to the machine in the trunk and for having a USB port close to my center console for quick access.

    I have tried 3 different brands and nothing seems to either last or be reliable. Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys.

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    The best one I have ever used was GE branded, shielded along the length and had gold-plated connectors.

    honestly, though, I think it was complete overkill, as I've had just as good luck with el-cheepo USB cables, as well.
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    i just bought 2 12 feet cheapo's from a local store for 5 bucks each...cant go like a far....
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    10ft is well within USB guidelines. I am guessing you have lots of interference, try and run your data and power separately.
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    I initially bought a whole system from another guy with the same type of car, and the touchscreen didn't work reliably over a 10ft extension when sitting on the floor in my bedroom. might have just been a bad extension, or some USB devices might work better than others with them.

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    "TrendnetTu2-ex5" amplified extension -5m 15ft works fine
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltaFX View Post
    "TrendnetTu2-ex5" amplified extension -5m 15ft works fine

    from what i have read, all the active usb cables are hit or miss, some of the cheap ones work better than the name brand ones, and some just don't work at all.

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    I have had super good luck with the USB extension cables that sells(they have an eBay store too ) They are the best and cheapest I have found that are decently shielded and work(for me, at least. )
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    monoprice has prices you cannot beat and their cables are of high quality. in northern california, overnight shipping is the cheapest option too at $4.73

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    I bought the cheapest ones I could find from Wal-Mart and daisy chained them. They work fine.
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