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Thread: How To Turn An EEE 701 On / Off With Ignition When Using Cigarette Lighter Socket?

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    How To Turn An EEE 701 On / Off With Ignition When Using Cigarette Lighter Socket?

    I know all you guys are doing it the proper way of using power boards etc, but how could I get my eee 701 to turn on or off with the ignition when using a cigarette lighter socket?

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    I have made an external button, i know it's not automatic but it's not hard to push a button when entering/leaving the car. One push makes it go to standby and back. You can look at my project in the signature...

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    I've done the same. Check my worklog also. Not sure about the cigarette lighter plug thing unless its somehow connected similar as the momentary switch. But the switch works by closing the circuit so I am not sure how it would work from cigarette lighter.
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    your best bet for this would be to buy/build a relay module that simulates the power button either on ACC or IGN. theres schematics somewhere in the forum, search it up
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