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Thread: $25 usb dac - anyone have this?

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    $25 usb dac - anyone have this?

    I was looking around for DACs, since I was thinking about using my SPDIF output on my onboard sound card to run digital to my amp (to help reduce RFI, eliminate grounding issues, etc) and I came across this USB DAC.

    Does anyone have this? Why so cheap...compared to the other DACs that I have found in my searching?

    I have a quick question about this, too. Can I run this in the following manner:

    onboard analog line-in to-->onbard spdif out-->dac spdif in-->dac analog out(s)-->analog in on amp

    Basically, this would be using two sounds cards (onboard and this USB DAC) to accomplish a run of digital audio from PC to amp.


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    are you able to use a extension card instead of a usb solution? it would give you better results

    i imagine that it is so cheap becaue the parts inside are cheap-- you get what you pay for, and if you want to take full advantage of a digital audio signal, go with a internal, or at least name brand card.

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    Well, one of the advantages of having it over USB is that this device can be somewhat far away from the computer, so the analog outs will have less of a chance of interference, etc.

    For example, my factory amp is under my driver's seat and my carPC is under my passenger seat. It would be nice to have this DAC under the driver seat next to the amp for a very short analog cable run, which is away from the PC.

    Plus, the external device decouples the analog outputs from the PC, which would help with any grounding issues, no? I already have onboard sound...not looking for better sound, just a better way to manager RFI and ground loop issues. That's why I was hoping to use this as shown above to have a run of digital audio to 'decouple' everything.

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    a $25 dollar bus powered high quality DAC? No way thats gonna be any good... but try it out and post a review Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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