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Thread: Radar Detector with PC interface?

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    about the suv......was it only new ones.....maybe they have the back up sensors on them and the radar picks it up?
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    that's what I thought too Lytheum, maybe they have a laser sensor in back or something like that.

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    No the article I read said it was the light itself...


    Red neon is occasionally used for the CHMSL (Center High Mounted Stop Lamp) on new cars. We know of these models: GM Trailblazer and Envoy, the Lincoln Mk VIII and the latest BMW 3-series convertible.

    These lights use a neon-plasma light source. The red lens allows red visible light to pass, and also invisible energy near infrared. The source is powered by a pulsating voltage on a frequency that happens to be similar to the repetition rate of legitimate laser-gun pulse trains. In other words, the CHMSLs have an invisible energy leakage thatís nearly identical to the beam used by traffic laser. If we suppress the interference, weíre likely to damage laser sensitivity.

    If youíre really bothered by this interference, you can disable V1ís laser reception. You can reprogram V1 yourself. Hereís a link to the instructions on our website:

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