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Thread: need some help with installing windows...

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    what do you successfully installed...yes sir!...if your looking for advice, it was the drivers...once I loaded the drivers in the setup, it noticed my drive...thanks for the help guys...

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    Congrats on getting windows installed, the way I went about it a couple days back was to hook up a sata dvd drive to the motherboard that I've been too lazy to install into my desktop as a 2nd drive. It's so handy that im considering just leaving the sata cord and power cable accessible so I can reconnect the drive if I ever need to use it again.

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    livinlarge89 I always say that we have some of the smartest Pc people around on this forum. I was just going to suggest your plan I, have a system from MoCoSo and I had to go that route to install my OS I also did your plan, I left the cables installed just in case I have to reinstall software. you get an A++++++ for your suggestion.

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