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Thread: What is the best low watt videocard to get

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    What is the best low watt videocard to get

    Ok guys I always come here first before I start to plan and get stuff for a new project. I decided that I am going to put a carpc in the family van that we use for travel in the summer and weekends.

    I need some help on choices for the videocard that has the lowest power comsumption but is still very good and has good size memory to, but I also don't want to break the bank but I also don't want to be cheap either.

    I don't wan't to make a mistake and buy something that isn't good but claims to be good so thats why I always ask here first the knowledge that people have on this forum are honest about hardware. thanx in advance.

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    Try this article to help you decide:

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    Sounds like you could just go for a motherboard with onboard video. That would be the lowest power route. Depends on your application and how much power you need from the video card.

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    Yes I decided I wanted a separate card for better graphics most of the boards I hav e looked at that have onboard videocards are subpar.

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