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Thread: digital radio

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnusaira
    ummmm do we have digital radio in the US? or is that satellite radio?
    You don't have DAB radio like we do in the UK, but you do have something which is IMO, better...XM

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    The US has XM and Sirius. Canada has DAB. If you are Canadian and you have American friends, you have both...

    I have XM in my Murano, and I'm working on putting in DAB. Right now I just have a hand held DAB receiver....

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    Question Any progress?

    Hi guys,

    Has there been any progress on the usability of the wavefinder and the software to control it? I'm looking at buying one from ebay, so would be interested to know if it works.


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    Sorry for not beening her...: )
    been wery bussie. I have tested the wavefinder in the car and of shelf no go. the reseption is too bad
    I live in Norway, Oslo. and this era is well coverd but few stations or services... I did not have any cash to buy the external FM/DAB

    If someone finds a better antenna or price please post her.

    And one probably would need a amplifier to strengthen the signal.. so don't go buy it yet but it's a good radio while surfing and fixing the carputer

    I downloaded this software Garry try it out..
    hope you get time to make it integrated into MC..
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    Have a google for the Aria DAB tuner for PC. Looks like it might be a very cool toy to add on (not linked to Aria the PC store in Manchester UK BTW AFAIK). Found it while searching. Haven't tried it yet, but uses an external antenna and USB, but don't know if that is just for power, and it needs an additional audio cable. Was being advertised at 99GBP when i saw it.
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