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Thread: Core 2 Duo vs. Core 2 Quad, what do you think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiJackZX1 View Post
    The setup does both. Each screen is technically shared between a personal PC and the main PC via a KVM switch. So on startup they all see the Main PC. Then if they do not want to do a shared task, they hit a button, it switches over on the KVM and they hit power to activate that unit. The main PC has to be on for the other units to do anything media wise. The front screen (driver screen) can only see nav, obd2, basically no media stuff. Then the passenger screens see all the media based stuff.

    How exactly does RAID work. I know that the new board I am getting, does support the option, but I have never understood how it works. Currently I have 2 hard drives on the main system, one 40GB drive, and one 150gb drive. The 150gb drive is split into 2 partitions, a 40GB one and a 110GB one. The 40 I use for HDD images.
    Well any raid you would use requires the disks to be the same size, otherwise its limited to the smaller disk. Raid is basically different methods of splitting and combining bytes to span multiple drives. In a car raid 0,raid 1, raid 0+1 or jbod would make the most sense. In your case I was recommending raid 1.

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    I don't recommend you RAID0 Because if one HDD will fail you will lose all data... If you will put in raid1 40GB and 150GB you will have 40GB total space in raid array...

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    i am running a dual core e8500 in mine without any problems at all

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