Hi all,

I am not new to mp3car forums, I have been an avid reader on and off over the past couple of years, however have just now decided to register.

I have looked through the forum and conducted searches and I cannot seem to find any specific help when it comes to what I am about to ask (if there are threats that are relivenat that I have not found, sorry!, please guide me to where it is... Thanks!)

Here goes..

I purchase a couple of AS-7405 units from audiosurces (Chinese double DIN, GPS, DVD, TV, WIN CE 5.0, etc..) I have been using this unit personally now for about a week, I am quite happy with it although I am well aware that it is far from my main goal of having a "real" car pc with a nice 7" touch screen, but it will do for now.

Got garmin working ok (slight problem with the screen resolution there with the map).
Bluetooth with the iPhone works, but no address book!
Here is the most annoying and urgent of all the other problems, I live in Argentina, and travel a lot, being such a vast country, once outside bigger towns or cities FM signals die quickly, if I wish to listen to radio that just leaves AM, which would be fine if I could get it to tune into the frequencies that are used here!
I cannot make it tune to say.... 590 AM, not even manually, or 710 AM, I am not sure how many KHz it skips when tuning on AM, but it bypasses these frequencies mentioned.
Does anyone know if this can be adjusted?

Any other hacks regarding win CE 5.0 are also more than welcome, especially when it comes to connecting USB devices, wifi or maybe a 3G dongle.

Thats about it for now, thank you in advance for any tips/help you can all provide.