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Thread: Tv in and out at the same time problem...

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    Tv in and out at the same time problem...

    Hello all..

    I was using on my carputer a lcd with my video board (trident 9685 with tvout) thru the tvout option and it was working fine. But now i bought an tv tuner board (Highway TR288) but it has to be conected thru the vga port of the video board. When i boot the trident with a monitor (vga mode) i can see the local tv image fine on my monitor, but when i boot with the tvout port i can't see the local tv anymore. I think that the trident can only work with one of the port at the same time, so when i boot thru the tvout the vga port don't work and the TV tuner that is connected to the vga port can't work. So what can i do? Will i have to buy another video board? Which one do you guys recommend? It has to work with both ports vga and tvout at the same time and be able to boot with only the tvout port connected.
    Tanks very much for the help.

    Car: FORD EcoSport XLS 2004

    Computer: Pentium II 300 @ 318 Mhz, 128 Mb Ram, 20 Gb HD DVD Rom, Trident 9685 TV-out video, Sonic Vibes Sound Card, 5.6" TFT Lcd, 300w power inverter, Genius Trackball and IRman remote control receiver.

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    Sounds to me you need to replace the capture card, not the video card. If you're not using a VGA monitor the VGA pass through is useless.

    A newer capture card will send the signals over the PCI bus, and that can be displayed on anything your video card can display on (TV or VGA out).


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