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Thread: Hardware question by a Noob

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    Originally posted by SavedSoul777
    SNIP...I know Im new here and I don't mean to step on anyones feet but really, I've seen people in other forums that have no life and sit on there all day to make ******* comments


    Now, back OT for all you people that positively reinforce other community members. Any other insights? Thanks.

    Really all installs are a bit different... But if you did use the search function or even read a little... you would have known that.

    The questions of:
    Do I need a head unit
    Inverter VS DC to DC
    What is the Min CPU speed to play MP# DIVIX ....
    Where to put the computer
    HD Mounting
    Fuse the Neg side of the circut
    Laptop vs desktop
    use a loptop LCD

    Have all been beat to death.... Search and you will find, No it is not as easy as asking any of the old timers

    But Did You Ever consider We might be tired of answering the repeat questions? No, you did not!

    So take the Hobbits advice and have another beer.
    D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

    Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

    Read the FAQ!

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