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Thread: hardware ofr a simple rig

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    Unhappy hardware ofr a simple rig

    hello all ,

    i am planning a very simple rig for music only and maybe also for a GPS navigation .
    and i think that the question i about to ask a bit silly , so forgive me .

    1. i saw a lot of mini-ATX boards with on-board sound card , is it good enough for paling a FLAC and MP3 and for making all the plug-in's like crossover , phase , delay ?

    2. An ATOM based rig is enough for all thous applications ?

    thank's !!

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    i use the 945 gclf(sp?-- the basic one from mp3car's store).

    wheather or not onboard sound is good enough is personal preferance, if not, add a soundcard.

    plugins for crossovers, etc. is more of processor intesive process, and is not so much related to the audio card in use. but you can setup vst hosts to manipulate the onbord audio outputs if needed.

    like i said, i am using the 945, with a integrated atom dual core, and really don't have any issues(a bsod occaisionally, but i am sure that it has siomething to do with my and sound card not getting along). i am also using audio mulch for audio processing (this week i am using 3-karmafx 31 band eq's, and 3-karmafx crossovers for my 3-way setup).

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