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Thread: Two new broken harddrives in 2 weeks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punky View Post
    not sure if this is related to your hard drive problem, but the m3 definitely does not have enough power on the 5v to power that setup. Check around the forum, there has been a few posts about it.
    Hmm the setup worked perfectly till my harddrives died. But maybe it gets overloaded somehow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
    i cant see how the power supply would destroy your harddrive
    Quote Originally Posted by rightnow View Post
    Me neither.. But it is the only thing i can see that would harm the drive. I dont think the motherboard can destroy them through the SATA cables?

    Anything can destroy anything if

    a) it is not wired up properly
    b) it has developed a fault
    c)Murphy's law decides to play.

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