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Thread: Creative Sound Blaster USB soundcard problems resuming after hibernation

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    Quote Originally Posted by thewizard View Post
    I could be way off base here as I have never used a usb soundcard, however that may change in the very near future. Could X-port not cure your problem by having it stop and re-start the driver upon hibernation resume? It has worked for any usb related resume issue that I have encountered thus far.
    This is the first usb related resume issue I've encountered and I didn't even know xport had the ability to restart drivers on resume.
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    Yes Sir it does. Works like a charm as well. I have an external usb hard drive that has trouble upon resume, xport does its thing and no more issue. When you have the xport interface open, if you look at the bottom of the window it lists all your usb devices. Simply put a check mark beside the ones that give you grief and your done.
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