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Thread: Best Video LCD

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    Best Video LCD

    Any suggestion for a good LCD / DVD with Bluethooth and GPS video for a starter kit without PC use ...

    Any "cheap" brands that are must get deals ?

    Thanks !

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    This website is kinda dedicated to the whole PC use thing. While there may be someone here with advice on all-in-one units, you're probably better off going to a car audio/navigation specific website. We wouldn't want you waiting around for an answer here when you could get a better answer faster elsewhere
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    i would higly recommend a name brand unit like a jvc, pioneer, alpine, or kenwood to name a few.

    the cheap china stuff is only cheap to your wallet--from what i have read, some of them have very poor interfaces, and if the interface is poor, you will be less hapy with the purchase.

    the best way to tell is to go to a local car audio shop and try the units-- each company's product has its own advantages and disadvantages(i like pioneer headunits, but really like jvc's navi unit interface...). you are the worlds best judge on what you like.


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