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Thread: Lilliput not powering up?..

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    Lilliput not powering up?..

    Hey guys, I'm kinda new to the whole CarPC game but I'm trying to get my lilliput 7" LCD Touchscreen to power up. I plugged my lilliput into my PC without a power supply, and my computer detects it just fine. I tried plugging in a constant 12v (positive in the inside/negative on the outside barrel) and nothing lights up nor does the screen turn on. Any clues to what could have happened?

    I took a multimeter and put it on the fuse on the circuit board and it's sending a constant 12v just fine. Anything else I should test?

    I tried

    Nothing seems to be burnt?..

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    it might be a backlight.

    i know that my lilli 629 will only send touch screen commands after it is powered on(not just having 12 volts connected).

    try looking at the display while it is powered on and connected to a computer to se if you can see the 'ghost' of a image on the screen.

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