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Thread: Which amp?

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    Which amp?

    I am deciding between two Mono-channel Class D amplifiers.

    The Kenwood KAC-8104D and the Eclipse XA1200.

    I have an eclipse stereo and I love the power, and I know Kenwood for their quality, plus the great reviews for the amp. I have been told by support staff that the Eclipse is better, but I cannot find any reviews for the Eclipse. I like the look of the Kenwood more, as it looks like it is a lot higher quality compared to the Eclipse. What do you think?

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    if you believe that kenwood makes the best looking/performing amp for the money, get a kenwood(i have really been liking JL amps, so i am no help...).

    most of the amps these days are made so well that it really comes down to your own brand preferance to what is better--there is almost no difference in a eclipse 600 watt amp, and a kenwood 600 watt amp (not sure if either are made, but for arguments sake), other than a couple features--one might have better crossovers, while the other one might have a better input sensitivity...

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