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Thread: M9000 / M10000 DIVX experiences

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    M9000 / M10000 DIVX experiences

    Those who have divx working well on there computer, or not working well, please post your OS, codec, player used. Also type and amount of memory, hard drive brand size cache etc, and anything else you feel is relavent. I want to buy an M10000 but am worried about divx quality and cannot seem to find anybody who has it working well.

    91 cadillac sedan deville, winXP, FV25 with Celeron 800, Redant 7" widescreen in dash, Opus DC-DC, Irman, Digital Cable remote(lots of buttons), 120 gig 7200rpm 8meg cache WD hard drive, VI power mobile HD rack, mediaengine

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    Ah just as i was about to reply to my thread.


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