I have just acquired an IBM IR. remote form ebay. But the program he sent me was for a Logitech remote. some features work but they are all mixed up. I went to the IBM website an put in the part # which is R-IB1-IBM1 but no luck. So I went an downloaded a few programs such as EvationInfraredKit13,pcremote4b,girder3022. But quite frankly you have to program them all an IM not that computer smart ya know. I Was wondering if some one knows how to program these things or maybe has a program for this remote here is the web addy so ya can look at it an see what remote IM talking about REMOTE The rest of my computer is going to be a 350 PII, pc-chips mb, 128 ram, IBM IR remote lol if i can get it to work, 20 gig hd, SoundBlaster live, an a cheap video card