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Thread: Which motherboard (size not important)?

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    Which motherboard (size not important)?

    Hi folks - I'm just contemplating taking the plunge and building a CarPC, and I am looking for advise on motherboards and equipment, but I'm not worried about size or power so much...

    I drive a Landrover Defender, and the center console (with a bit of modification) can fit a standard sized M/B. Power also isn't too much of a concern, as I have dual batteries, and a run of no more than about 30cm from battery to M/B.

    Would people still recommend smaller boards, or are there decent larger boards out there for CarPC's? I figure I'd potentially get more functionality out of a larger board, but I'd probably not use a lot of it (multiple PCI slots, 8+ USB slots, etc...). And I'd probably use more power than a smaller board....

    What are peoples thoughts?

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    i think it is mostly cost/personal preferance. if you are looking for basic carputer functionality, i do not see any reason to purchase a larger motheboard. if you already have the board, that is a extremely good reason to just use that, assuming that it works for your needs. these newer boards with atom processors seem to do alright for basic carputer tasks, and a board with processor can be picked up for around $100, depending on model...

    if you have any special requirements--soundcard, specific add-on, or need a certain amount of processing power, than a larger board might be in order(though companies are starting to come out with smaller boards, like zotac's 9300 board with a 775 processor connector).

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    ASUS AT3N7A-I for the win! But, it depends on your needs,
    what do you want to do with your PC above the basic tasks.
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