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Thread: Motherboard with fastest Bios POST

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    Motherboard with fastest Bios POST

    Thought I would see if this thread could collate peoples experiences on motherboard boot times. There are many posts on the forum about tweaking the OS for obtaining the quickest boot time and also posts on using SSD etc. It occurred to me however that no matter how much tweaking one does, you are always stuck with the BIOS boot of the motherboard.

    Therefore I would like to hear what peoples experiences are of these BIOS POST times and what people think is the motherboard with the fastest POST.

    I am currently using an Intel D945GCLF2, this board is fine for running my CarPC but the boot time is fairly slow and there are few tweaks to speed it up.

    So let's see what peoples ideas, thoughts and experiences are:

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    this is a really good idea.
    lets hope others catch on

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    My intel BIOS is slow.

    The Zotac ION Atom is much faster as discussed here

    Using the same OS, (and a very similar SSD, my boot went from 23 (intel) to 15 (Zotac). Thats about 8seconds of POST time garbled up by the intel board.

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    In my experience Foxconn and Asrock has the fastest bios.
    My old Foxconn and Asrock P4 mobo had almost zero bios boot up.
    It went pretty much right to the windows boot screen when you press the power, so fast that i had to repeatedly press the DEL keys before i boot in order to get into the bios.
    One the newer board, foxconn's bios is quick, but not like my old ones. I haven't play around with the asrock's new mobo lately so i have no idea if they had changed.
    There's a guy on mp3 car with a foxconn ( i think...) that had super fast resume time.

    edit: found him

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    I bought a Jetway J7f2we2g because I read that the resume from hibernation times were excellent on this board. Takes me about 20 seconds to resume (5 seconds to POST) with my OCZ Summit SSD, which is indeed faster than my old Via M10000, but something even faster would be nice. But one thing to keep in mind with an older board like this is that I think the SATA ports arent as fast as the newer boards, and so it limits my SSD from performing to its full potential.

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    NOT Intel DG45FC:

    My tests
    : No USB devices: 10.2sec (with touchscreen)

    With 9 USB devices (10 ports) one being a powered hub with 1 webcam connected: 21.2sec.

    Only then windows starts...

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    Older Foxconn motherboards (2006-2007) have BIOS feature called "SuperBoot". It stores all BIOS initialization information so the next POST is instantly fast. Unfortunately none of the new Foxconn motherboards carry this feature. I did some researching and I've come to the conclusion a Celeron 420-450 (35 watt processor) socket 775, and one of their discontinued Intel socket 775 microATX motherboard would make a nice carpc setup.
    They have around 40+ motherboards that fit the bill. Just make sure it says "SuperBoot" on the bottom of the specification page.

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