I searched for pico-itx here on the forum and got nothing really, and I thought there may be a lot of people looking to create a single din carputer with a slide out screen, and thought some people might find this tiny system pretty cool.


They are Pico-ITX atom motherboards that can run at 1.6ghz. Pretty cool size. 100mmx72mm (no joking)

Well, XD I don't post often, and it's very rare that I'm the first to point out new technology, but in my endeavors to build an all in one solution for a double din carputer, I may have just found a way to build an all in one single din solution.

Hope you guys find this interesting, hope I posted in the right forum, and sorry if someone has already posted about this.

**NOTE: I don't know pricing on this at all, You have to request it, and that means you may have to buy a hundred or more of them just to be able to buy them. If not, it'd be really cool to make a carputer out of I think.