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Thread: I think I smoked my HQCT

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    I think I smoked my HQCT

    So, after 30 minutes or so of carefully making a HQCT header to internal USB header cable, checking carefully that my motherboard follows convention and that it's not a firewire header or etc... plugged it in, plugged in the molex connector, windows detects it, cable goes up in smoke.

    Turns out I used the wrong molex connector.

    I used the one on the right, when the one on the left is the right one. I think - it may be the other way around.

    Apparently I still have cables lying around from my other modular power supply I had years ago - and apparently they look identical and plug snugly in to this one.

    Just with radically different voltages... [-12V, 3.3V, 5V, 12V] vs [12V, 0V, 0V, 5V].

    Any idea what this'd do to the HQCT? Besides two black ground pins... it 'looks' fine, but windows'll no longer detect it. Sigh.

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    If the ground pins are now black and weren't before, then I don't think it looks fine. All I can think of is that since the connector was meant for a different device, the wiring in the connector could have been different. Some wires may have been crossed and incorrect power was sent to the wrong pins possibly shorting out the HQCT. Smoke and burned pins sounds fried to me, but I hope not.

    If it is fried, you can look into cheaper and better radio solutions. I still have my HQCT installed but am using a Directed HDRadio. I'm much happier with it over the HQCT.

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    Thanks, definitely had wrong volts , see above. By my reckoning 7V on the 5V rail, -17V on the 12V rail. Smoke was all from the wire, but the device I'm fairly sure is dead... ah well. Hard to be certain though, as the demo software doesn't work on my computer - access violation in version.dll.

    Think I may just have to wait for a DAB+ usb solution.

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